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5 Amazing Wedding Ring Photos

Liverpool wedding rings

Our Favorite wedding ring photos

Over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to photography some lovely wedding rings. We never see the same type twice and it’s becoming more common for the married couple to have mis-matching wedding bands. We’re also seeing customization of rings becoming a real trend as it becomes easier and cheaper to find artisan jewelry makers through sites such as Below us a selection the best rings we photographed in 2016.

Liverpool wedding photographerLou had mentioned that she had seen this idea elsewhere and was keen for me to try it out. Not a problem, one bag of scrabble tiles and a hotel bed later and this lovely shot came out.

Liverpool wedding photographerWe don’t get to see many gold rings these days and this one looked perfect set against the wood and the broach bouquet.

Liverpool wedding photographerWe see all types of rings and these topped the scale in terms of price, platinum diamond encrusted matching rings. I was nervous being in charge of these as I had a fair guess at home much they cost. Absolutely beautiful.

Liverpool wedding photographerThis is a classic wedding ring photography to match two stylish and simple rings. These rings suited the bride and groom down to the ground.

Liverpool wedding photographerUsually we only have a few moments to take the photos of the rings, it’s such a busy day, we have to think on our feet and find a suitable surface or back drop to match the rings. It just so happened the ceremony room had a huge grand piano so we took advantage to shoot this quirky photo.

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All photos copyright of Simon Andrew Wedding Photography 2016.