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Free wedding thank you video with every package

We are really excited to bring our lovely couples a great new perk of booking with Simon Andrew Photography…. a wedding “thank you” video made from your photos. It’s completely free with every booking.

We’ll take the 17 best photographs from your day and craft them into this bespoke video for you to share on Facebook, Instagram or any social media channel you chose. We can customise the end slide with a message of your choice… this could be a “thank you” to your guests for attending, it could be a “wish you were there” video for family and friends who couldn’t attend. It’s completely up to you.

Luxury Wedding Hamper – free with every photography package


We like to go that extra mile and give you something extra special when we deliver your wedding photos.

Included with every wedding photography package is this beautiful hamper. It’s full of luxury treats, snack and drinks so that you and your new husband can host your own private viewing party.

Close the curtains, light the included scented candles, pour a glass and browse through your wedding photos for the first time.

Each hamper is unique as we try to source products from our small village of Marple, but we’ll ensure it’s bursting with goodies and delivered to your door.

Find out more below…

Free Wedding Photography Studio

To make your wedding or party that little more special why not include our photography studio in your wedding package. Our photo studio is fully automated allowing your guests to take as many photos as they wish. We supply great props including chalk boards for your guests to write you messages. Each photo is uploaded to an online gallery where your guests can share and download their photos. Our online galleries mean you have an instant keepsakes from your day while you wait for your wedding photos to be edited.

While you and your guests enjoy the wedding meal we will set up the photo booth, it makes a great focal point and eases the transition from the quiet time after dinner into the raucous evening party.

Our Photo Booth Includes:

  • Professional DSLR Camera for pin sharp photos.
  • Beauty lighting ring to ensure your guests looks as amazing as possible.
  • Online gallery for your guests to share and download photos.
  • Huge box of props including chalk boards so your guests can write you messages.

Free with all packages:

See below for some of the great weddings we’ve already taken with our studio:






5 Amazing Wedding Ring Photos

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Our Favorite wedding ring photos

Over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to photography some lovely wedding rings. We never see the same type twice and it’s becoming more common for the married couple to have mis-matching wedding bands. We’re also seeing customization of rings becoming a real trend as it becomes easier and cheaper to find artisan jewelry makers through sites such as Below us a selection the best rings we photographed in 2016.

Liverpool wedding photographerLou had mentioned that she had seen this idea elsewhere and was keen for me to try it out. Not a problem, one bag of scrabble tiles and a hotel bed later and this lovely shot came out.

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Liverpool wedding photographerWe don’t get to see many gold rings these days and this one looked perfect set against the wood and the broach bouquet.

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Liverpool wedding photographerWe see all types of rings and these topped the scale in terms of price, platinum diamond encrusted matching rings. I was nervous being in charge of these as I had a fair guess at home much they cost. Absolutely beautiful.

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Liverpool wedding photographerThis is a classic wedding ring photography to match two stylish and simple rings. These rings suited the bride and groom down to the ground.

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Liverpool wedding photographerUsually we only have a few moments to take the photos of the rings, it’s such a busy day, we have to think on our feet and find a suitable surface or back drop to match the rings. It just so happened the ceremony room had a huge grand piano so we took advantage to shoot this quirky photo.

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If you love these photos and want to see more head on over to our Facebook page and give us a like. We post regular updates here and all our latest work.

All photos copyright of Simon Andrew Wedding Photography 2016.

Prestwold Hall – Jenny and Pete

Bride and Groom: Jenny and Peter Hughes.

Wedding Style: Traditional Country House Wedding.

When: December 2015.

Location: Prestwold Hall, Prestwold, Loughborough LE12 5SQ.

Dress: Ivory & Co

Hair: Yan Hair

Flowers: by Abigail at The Flower Corner, Queens Road, Leicester. 

I’ve known Jenny for about 10 years, she’s my best friends sister. He dropped me a text about a year ago and since he has the texting skills of your Nana it simply said “Are kid, wedding, getting married.” Reading between the lines this could only mean “Jenny is getting married and will probably want a wedding photographer, give her a message?”. So I dropped her a quick Facebook message and 9 months later we were all at the very impressive Prestwold Hall near Loughborough.

As a wedding photographer you get asked to do friends and families weddings all the time, in some ways it makes the “work” a lot easier but also it adds a lot of pressure. These are people you know… let me put that in context, can you imagine your friends coming to your place of work to watch what you do? There is always that trepidation that you might mess up in some way no matter how many times you’ve done it before. However Jennies mum, Irene, came and gave me a massive hug as soon as she saw me and said “thanks for doing the photos” which settled my nerves and set me up for the day.

A big thank you has to go to the staff at Prestwold Hall. They made all the difference on the day and their professionalism shone through. Straight away I could tell they appreciated I was there to do a job and were very much used to dealing with wedding photographers. The wedding organiser took time out of rushing around to give me a tour of the house and to show me where the expresso machine was. She told me I could have as much coffee and cola as I needed, I think she could tell from the bags under my eyes that I’d had a very long journey down from Liverpool and would a quick pick me up at various points through out the day. Im not ashamed to say I took full advantage of that Nespresso machine.

Prestwold Hall is the perfect venue for a wedding – they provide rooms for both the bride and the groom to get ready, we love venues like this as it means we can take more photos of the preparations and capture the day in full. I managed to grab some amazing photos of the bride and groom prep as I could run between the two rooms when something was going on. Both rooms where a hive of activity…. the boys were drinking beers and practicing speeches, while the girls did hair, make up and ate sandwiches with tea. A highlight in the photos is Jenny opening her presents from the brides maids.

This led to me moving around the room in a tippy toe fashion during the wedding ceremony… I got a few funny looks from the guests.

The ceremony was beautiful and for a rainy winters day the clouds broke just at the right time and the sun shone through the huge window at the back of the room. It played havoc with the camera settings, but none the less it was beautiful. During my briefing with the registrar, before the ceremony,  she’d asked if I’d not move about to much as the floor boards in the ball room where old and creaky. This led to me moving around the room in a tippy toe fashion during the wedding ceremony… I got a few funny looks from the guests.

After the reception, speeches and wedding breakfast the party kicked off with a live band. They were exceptional and did 3 whole sets over the space of 4 hours. They kept the party in full swing, and me clicking away,  right through until midnight at which point a very weary photographer made his exit back to a small dingy hotel on the side of a motorway – it’s not all glamour and country houses you know.

Below you’ll find a selection of photos from the day. If you’d like to make a booking please head on over to my contact page.

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Liverpool wedding photographer_0483 Liverpool wedding photographer_0499 Liverpool wedding photographer_0498 Jen&Pete Liverpool wedding photographer_0494 Liverpool wedding photographer_0493 Liverpool wedding photographer_0507

Liverpool wedding photographer_0484 Liverpool wedding photographer_0485 Liverpool wedding photographer_0486 Liverpool wedding photographer_0487 Liverpool wedding photographer_0488 Liverpool wedding photographer_0489 Liverpool wedding photographer_0490 Liverpool wedding photographer_0491 Liverpool wedding photographer_0492 Liverpool wedding photographer_0495 Liverpool wedding photographer_0496 Liverpool wedding photographer_0497 Liverpool wedding photographer_0500 Liverpool wedding photographer_0501 Liverpool wedding photographer_0502 Liverpool wedding photographer_0503 Liverpool wedding photographer_0504 Liverpool wedding photographer_0505 Liverpool wedding photographer_0506
Liverpool wedding photographer_0508 Liverpool wedding photographer_0509 Liverpool wedding photographer_0510 Liverpool wedding photographer_0511 Liverpool wedding photographer_0512 Liverpool wedding photographer_0513 Liverpool wedding photographer_0522 Liverpool wedding photographer_0521 Liverpool wedding photographer_0520 Liverpool wedding photographer_0519 Liverpool wedding photographer_0518 Liverpool wedding photographer_0517 Liverpool wedding photographer_0516 Liverpool wedding photographer_0515 Liverpool wedding photographer_0514 Liverpool wedding photographer_0523 Liverpool wedding photographer_0524 Liverpool wedding photographer_0525 Liverpool wedding photographer_0526 Liverpool wedding photographer_0527 Liverpool wedding photographer_0528 Liverpool wedding photographer_0529 Liverpool wedding photographer_0530 Liverpool wedding photographer_0532 Liverpool wedding photographer_0533 Liverpool wedding photographer_0534 Liverpool wedding photographer_0535 Liverpool wedding photographer_0536

Liverpool wedding photographer_0537 Liverpool wedding photographer_0558 Liverpool wedding photographer_0557 Liverpool wedding photographer_0556 Liverpool wedding photographer_0555 Liverpool wedding photographer_0554 Liverpool wedding photographer_0553 Liverpool wedding photographer_0552 Liverpool wedding photographer_0551 Liverpool wedding photographer_0550 Liverpool wedding photographer_0549 Liverpool wedding photographer_0548 Liverpool wedding photographer_0547 Liverpool wedding photographer_0546 Liverpool wedding photographer_0545 Liverpool wedding photographer_0544 Liverpool wedding photographer_0543 Liverpool wedding photographer_0542 Liverpool wedding photographer_0541 Liverpool wedding photographer_0540 Liverpool wedding photographer_0539 Liverpool wedding photographer_0538

Wedding Gift Box – New Product on offer in our store

Im proud to announce a new product in our shop – the wedding gift box. They make a lovely present for the bride, groom or parents – each box is hand made in a small work shop in the Scottish highlands and personalized with your new married name. They can be used for storing your treasured memento’s from your wedding such as orders of service, place name holders, flowers, photos and small gifts. These boxes are so lovely you’d be proud to have them on display.

Grooms why not surprise your bride with one of these lovely gifts.

The example above was hand made for Chris and Louise and contained 3 of our personalized USB wedding boxes, one of them and one for each set of parents. The package also included two warming winter drinks, some luxury chocolates and small selection of hand printed wedding photos.  I can make a package to suit all tastes. Grooms why not surprise your bride with one of these lovely gifts.

Head on over to our shop now to see the packages we can put together.

Crips Stone Barn Winter Wedding – Chris and Lou

Winter Wedding Photography on a rainy day at Cripps Stone Barn

The Cotswold’s is a fair old trek for me from the North West but I always say “I’ll shoot a wedding anywhere in the country” … or the world for that matter. I consider it one of the perks of the jobs, I get to see parts of the country others would holiday in and I get to poke my nose around some of the best venus the UK has to offer. Cripps Stone Barn in Gloucestershire was no exception, its an extremely popular venue offering something a little bit different from your grand stately homes or hotel ballrooms. It has a rustic charm which lends it’s self really well to vintage and DIY weddings. So you can imagine I was delighted to make the trip down south when Chris and Louise asked me to shoot their wedding day.

Handily both the bride and groom where staying in the same village and their respective hotels (The Shaven Crown and The Wychwood Inn) where a short 3 minute walk apart. This was really handy as it let me chop and change between the bride and groom preparation. Typically this is really difficult for a single photographer to cover and I didn’t have my 2nd photographer, Graham, with me on this occasion. I was up with the larks as I had promised the bride I would shoot over to Cripps Barn  to pick up all the flowers from the florist. Im really, really, really glad I left early….. 1. There were road works blocking the “normal” route to the Barn. I had to follow a 45 minute diversion. 2. I couldn’t find the florist when I got there, after 20 minutes of asking she magically appeared and she was lovely. 3. Just to top it off, on the way back a skip lorry decided to block both sides of the road while it picked up a skip, another 20 minute delay. But I kept a cool head and raced back to start both the bride and groom getting ready. My weeks of preparation and having a shot list really paid off with the limited time I had left.

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The wedding itself was lovely, Chris and Lou had gone all out… 120 or so guests. The venue had to lay on extra tables to accommodate everyone but it made for an amazing atmosphere. Lou looked stunning in her chic wedding dress… what I loved was she had a custom pair of gold Converse trainers to match it for dancing in the evening.

Now the the weather was less than helpful on the day, to be honest it was terrible, that’s the draw back of winter weddings: flat light, rain and dark by 4pm doesn’t make the photographers job easy. I had prepared for a rainy wedding and I managed to steal the couple away for 45 minutes for their alone time shoot. We used the main section of the barn with its huge windows to make the most of the fading light, the rain even stopped just long enough for us to run outside and grab some lovely autumn photos.


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“what I loved was she had a custom pair of gold Converse trainers to match it for dancing in the evening”


All that’s left is to talk about the evening party… and boy what a party it was. Hands down the best of the year, Lou had hired a full on rock band called The Indie Killers…. they absolutely stomped it. I’ve never seen a wedding dance floor so full.. they played well into the night and I found it hard to leave as the photos kept on coming. I dragged myself away about quarter past midnight having done a 16 hour day.. but I hope you’ll agree, the selection of photos below made it all worth it.

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Liverpool wedding photographer_0167

Liverpool wedding photographer_0172

Liverpool wedding photographer_0191Liverpool wedding photographer_0240

Liverpool wedding photographer_0241

Liverpool wedding photographer_0242

Liverpool wedding photographer_0244

Liverpool wedding photographer_0187

Liverpool wedding photographer_0215

Liverpool wedding photographer_0179

Liverpool wedding photographer_0234Liverpool wedding photographer_0233

Liverpool wedding photographer_0171

Liverpool wedding photographer_0202

Liverpool wedding photographer_0199

Liverpool wedding photographer_0169Liverpool wedding photographer_0181

Liverpool wedding photographer_0190

Liverpool wedding photographer_0193

Liverpool wedding photographer_0174

Liverpool wedding photographer_0177Liverpool wedding photographer_0182

Liverpool wedding photographer_0222Liverpool wedding photographer_0217Liverpool wedding photographer_0218

Liverpool wedding photographer_0183

Liverpool wedding photographer_0197

Liverpool wedding photographer_0229


Liverpool wedding photographer_0173

Liverpool wedding photographer_0251 Liverpool wedding photographer_0250 Liverpool wedding photographer_0267 Liverpool wedding photographer_0266 Liverpool wedding photographer_0265 Liverpool wedding photographer_0264 Liverpool wedding photographer_0263 Liverpool wedding photographer_0262 Liverpool wedding photographer_0260 Liverpool wedding photographer_0259 Liverpool wedding photographer_0258 Liverpool wedding photographer_0257 Liverpool wedding photographer_0256 Liverpool wedding photographer_0255 Liverpool wedding photographer_0254 Liverpool wedding photographer_0253 Liverpool wedding photographer_0252

Black Friday Deal: Free Signature frame.

Check out our new Black Friday Deal: A free signature wedding frame for your big day. All you have to is like our Facebook page and make a booking enquiry (using our nifty form here) before December 14th then go onto make a booking any time before Febuary 2016.

Our signature frames are a great addition to any wedding day – our frames are a great memento of your special day. We deliver the frame to your venue on the morning of your wedding, we also provide the easel and pens. At the end of the day we place the glass in your frame and package it up ready for you or one of you wedding party to take home.

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