A wedding collage from Cripps Stone Barn

Crips Stone Barn Winter Wedding – Chris and Lou

Winter Wedding Photography on a rainy day at Cripps Stone Barn

The Cotswold’s is a fair old trek for me from the North West but I always say “I’ll shoot a wedding anywhere in the country” … or the world for that matter. I consider it one of the perks of the jobs, I get to see parts of the country others would holiday in and I get to poke my nose around some of the best venus the UK has to offer. Cripps Stone Barn in Gloucestershire was no exception, its an extremely popular venue offering something a little bit different from your grand stately homes or hotel ballrooms. It has a rustic charm which lends it’s self really well to vintage and DIY weddings. So you can imagine I was delighted to make the trip down south when Chris and Louise asked me to shoot their wedding day.

Handily both the bride and groom where staying in the same village and their respective hotels (The Shaven Crown and The Wychwood Inn) where a short 3 minute walk apart. This was really handy as it let me chop and change between the bride and groom preparation. Typically this is really difficult for a single photographer to cover and I didn’t have my 2nd photographer, Graham, with me on this occasion. I was up with the larks as I had promised the bride I would shoot over to Cripps Barn  to pick up all the flowers from the florist. Im really, really, really glad I left early….. 1. There were road works blocking the “normal” route to the Barn. I had to follow a 45 minute diversion. 2. I couldn’t find the florist when I got there, after 20 minutes of asking she magically appeared and she was lovely. 3. Just to top it off, on the way back a skip lorry decided to block both sides of the road while it picked up a skip, another 20 minute delay. But I kept a cool head and raced back to start both the bride and groom getting ready. My weeks of preparation and having a shot list really paid off with the limited time I had left.

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The wedding itself was lovely, Chris and Lou had gone all out… 120 or so guests. The venue had to lay on extra tables to accommodate everyone but it made for an amazing atmosphere. Lou looked stunning in her chic wedding dress… what I loved was she had a custom pair of gold Converse trainers to match it for dancing in the evening.

Now the the weather was less than helpful on the day, to be honest it was terrible, that’s the draw back of winter weddings: flat light, rain and dark by 4pm doesn’t make the photographers job easy. I had prepared for a rainy wedding and I managed to steal the couple away for 45 minutes for their alone time shoot. We used the main section of the barn with its huge windows to make the most of the fading light, the rain even stopped just long enough for us to run outside and grab some lovely autumn photos.


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“what I loved was she had a custom pair of gold Converse trainers to match it for dancing in the evening”


All that’s left is to talk about the evening party… and boy what a party it was. Hands down the best of the year, Lou had hired a full on rock band called The Indie Killers…. they absolutely stomped it. I’ve never seen a wedding dance floor so full.. they played well into the night and I found it hard to leave as the photos kept on coming. I dragged myself away about quarter past midnight having done a 16 hour day.. but I hope you’ll agree, the selection of photos below made it all worth it.

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