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Gaz and Stacie’s Wedding – Sefton Park Liverpool


Another brilliant wedding with a lovely young couple, Gaz and Stacie. This weeks wedding was at the Best Western Alicia Hotel in Sefton Park.  A little hidden gem of venue which I’d passed a million times (mostly when learning to drive, doing countless loops around Sefton Park with my instructor Claire) but had never been in. They offer complete wedding packages and have a lovely court yard in the back of the hotel – perfect for those summer weddings.

We had to jump in my photography partners car in between the champagne reception and the wedding breakfast and zoom around the park. It was a bit of job fitting Stacies wedding dress into the back of the car.

They day went off with out a hitch… well almost. During the alone time shoot we all jumped in my photography partner’s car to zoom round to some of the good spots. We hit one of Sefton Parks famous pot holes and popped his tire. We didn’t let that stop us and persevered (limped) to our location, I left Graham to capture the photos while I sprinted round the park with about 10kg of camera equipment around my neck to grab my car and race back to the couple. I was over taking some of the runners at one point.. but we had to make sure the bride and groom got back to the reception on time. Stacy trekking across the park in that massive dress was not an option. Long story short, we made it back in time.

Gaz and Stacie loved the alone time shoot, everyone was so nice as we walked through the park – congratulating them as we walked past.

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