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Same Sex Marriage – Civil Partnership to Marriage Conversion

St Georges Hall Liverpool

Back in March 2014 same sex marriage was finally legalised here in the UK and this was fantastic news but, obviously, there are thousands upon thousands of couples who have already had weddings, all be it in the form of  Civil Partnerships. It had never occurred to me to ask “what do these guys and girls do? Have another expensive wedding all over again?”.

That was until I was contacted by Laura, she and her partner were having their civil partnership converted to a full marriage and she wanted some wedding photography to mark the occasion. This kicked off  my curious side and I started some furious research into the whole process and what it means. For the conversion you have two options – a simple conversion which is appointment at a registry office, here you sign a document to have your partnership converted to a marriage. It costs around £4 for the marriage certificate. Or you have the option to hold a full ceremony with an appointed registrar just like any other couple getting married. Its amazing news either way you plan on carrying out the conversion, it now means same sex couples have all the same legal rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual counter parts. I also found out that the marriages are back dated to the original date of your Civil Ceremony.

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Laura had seen the part of my web site that says “no job to small or to silly” and she contacted me asking if this 5 minute job was actually to small and to silly.

Liverpool wedding photographer

Laura & Sarah have opted for the simple conversion and while its amazing its not the most romantic of processes. So as a surprise Laura had organised for them to release two doves at St Georges Gardens in Liverpool. Laura had seen the part of my web site that says “no job to small or to silly” and she contacted me asking if this 5 minute job was actually to small and to silly. Not for me, I jumped at the chance to capture a special occasion like this.

In all this it took more planning that a full wedding, if any of you have tried to photograph a bird in flight you’ll know how hard it is and we only had one shot at this. I also had a very busy city centre park to contend with at lunch time, we had to move a few people politely out of shot. I approached this shoot as documentary shoot, hoping to capture the occasion in about 7 photos as I literally had about 5 minutes to capture everything I needed.

“3… 2.. 1.. release the birds” .. snap snap snap snap of the camera and they were gone, and true to the saying “never work with animals or children – one of the birds went one way and another in the opposite direction. But between Graham and I we managed to get the shot.

We finished off the shoot by taking the two girls around to the front of St Georges hall to capture some classic couple photos amongst the giant columns which make up the front of the great hall.


Location: St Georges Hall – Liverpool

Event: Civil Ceremony to Marriage Conversion.

Dove Handlers: Wings of Love Doves. 

Photographers: Simon Andrew & All Seasons Photographers