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West Yorkshire Camera Competition Win

west yorkshire cameras

A few weeks ago I was checking some Facebook messages and just happened to notice the “other” folder in my inbox. I always forget this folder is there – it’s where all your junk mail goes. It’s also, and most importantly for this blog, where emails go from people who aren’t in your friends list.

So checking through this list I found a message from the West Yorkshire Cameras titled “competition win”…. my mind raced back and I seem to remember entering a competition 7 months previously. I read through the email quickly and I had indeed won and I was correct.. the email was dated 7 months previously. My heart sunk. There was no way they’d still have the prize and still be willing to send it to me  after so long, would they?

So I sent them a quick message… and to cut a long story short they guys at West Yorkshire Cameras were awesome. They’d given up hope on me contacting them and sold my prize. However they said “leave it to us, we’ll find you something”. Two weeks later this beautiful camera, Yashica TLR, turns up on my doorstep with a set of Ilford medium format film and a complete developing kit!! Amazing – this is over £200’s worth of kit. A massive thank you to West Yorkshire Camera – this is customer service at its best and I can appreciate what a pain it must have been for this small business to find the budget to send me a prize after so long.

Im going to have to dig out my notes from my photography module at Leeds University. When I did this module back in 2001 digital photography was for the realms of the super-rich and film was still for the masses. I can’t wait to get reacquainted with film – I’m hoping it will up my skills in digital photography at the same time. I might even whip this out for some engagement photo shoots to offer couples something different.

West Yorkshire Cameras – Unit 2, The Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds.

West Yorkshire cameras are a small shop based in Leeds city centre specialising in film photography. With hundreds of cameras to choose from plus all your film and developing needs. Head over to their site to find out more.

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